From Being Robotic To Being Human #edcmooc

Read This AT Your Own Risk !

Do you ever feel that you are being controlled by external forces and go through life almost mechanically… working with robotic precision on tasks at hand, without being able to spare much thought on what you are doing ?

Two extremely hectic, whirlwind weeks during which I felt that I had virtually no control over what I was doing, working from early morning till late evening, going through the motions mechanically. As a consequence, I have a huge backlog of my personal commitments, which includes the course material of EDCMOOC, and physically I am almost near exhaustion. The mechanical schedule of the last two weeks has numbed my brain.

EspressoTime to unwind and take a short break, my brain is screaming at me. And yet, there is work to be done… EDCMOOC beckons. But I do need to relax a bit before I get down to producing some material that is worth posting. And with this thought in mind I head to my liquor cabinet to allow myself the luxury of a drink, and what do I find there ? No whisky, which is my usual drink. But as luck would have it, I find a bottle of Smirnoff Espresso, gifted by a friend some time ago. And so, I pour myself a drink and sit down on my comp to type my blog post. As the Espresso takes effect I find myself relaxing, and much more composed. Mmm… nice. One down, and a nice glow is spreading over my body, gradually soothing and relaxing me. Time for a second one… my upper limit on any given day.

Nice stuff, this Smirnoff Espresso… a fellow could almost get used to it. Oh, by the way, did I mention that I am now feeling almost human again ? I wonder if this would be considered as a different approach to being human ? I swear I am feeling almost human again. Hopefully, the creative juices will also begin flowing shortly and I would be able to produce a blog post worth reading.

In the meantime, do forgive me if you came to read this hoping to find some intellectual, studious stuff – so sorry to have disappointed you. I’m just trying to be human again.

Cheers ! 🙂