Getting “Realistic” #edcmooc

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  – Albert Einstein

In this video, Toyota would have us believe that we live in an unrealistic world – so immersed in our technology-driven surroundings that we do not even experience the thrill of being alive. Everything around us is surreal – a life so mechanical and mundane that we barely realize we are alive. And to break out of this, we need another technological marvel – the Toyota GT86. And the best part is that even the concept is created using technology.

Love it, or hate it, but the fact remains that technology is here to stay. Technology drives progress, and yes, to a certain extent, it touches every aspect of our lives. Let us also face the fact that it is technology that connect us “real” humans in the “digital” world. The question that I find myself asking is – would I be here pursing this MOOC, had it not been for technology ? Would it even be remotely possible to even create a MOOC without technology ? The answer is NO.

So, having clearly established the fact that I am someone who supports technology and all the benefits it brings, I would also like to be able to say that I am the master of my own life, and that I don’t let technology control me. I control technology. I decide how much influence I want to allow technology in my life. I decide whether I want to pick up a good old-fashioned pen and use my hand to write, or use a computer to type. I decide whether I want to take a walk or a run outdoors in natural surroundings, or whether I want to use a treadmill in an air-conditioned  gym and sweat it out. I decide whether I would rather play a game of tennis on the court, or play a simulated tennis video-game instead.

I DECIDE. And YOU decide. EACH ONE of us decides this for ourselves. If we choose dependence and eventual slavery to technology, slavery is what we will get. It’s all about making the right – or wrong – choice, isn’t it ? And as for breaking out from the “unreal”, if it needs another technology to do so, how “real” would that be ? Wouldn’t this actually be escaping from one prison, only to get ensnared in another trap ? Wasn’t Einstein so right ?