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Finding good employees in the Aviation, Tourism, Travel & Hospitality sector can be quite a challenge. We are operating in an environment where high attrition rate is the rule rather than an exception. Under such circumstances, it is vital to find employees not only with the requisite skill-sets, but also with dedication, so as to minimize disruptions to the work.

With over 25 years of experience in the Aviation & Tourism industries, I am well versed with the requirements of the industry vis-a-vis personnel required for effective functioning of the organisation. An excellent network within the trade, coupled with my years of experience as a trainer in the Tourism & Aviation sector, I have access to a large database of candidates ranging from freshers to those who are highly experienced. All client requirements are carefully studied and candidates are screened to ensure that they fit the parameters defined in the job description.

Candidates are offered this service free of charge and clients are charged only a nominal fee for placements.

For all your requirements of personnel, please send me a mail on