The Overwhelm Returns ! #edcmooc

ignoranceI had barely managed to shrug off the initial feeling of overwhelm yesterday, and had resumed studying the course materials with some confidence regained. However, today that feeling is back with a bang once again, as I struggle with Utopias, Dystopias, technological determinism and universalism. The more I read, the more ignorant and “reduced” I feel.

This post is not about sharing my views on the subject matter. This is just a light-hearted attempt to share the fact that as of now I’m feeling somewhat lost, and this quote from Will Durant has been leaping out at me from the recesses of my memory, where it was lurking after having been shared on my personal blog a few days ago.

But fear not. I shall persevere, and I shall handle the technological determinism with determination, and shall be back with my views on the subject shortly. 🙂

See you folks then !